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  • I am an artist committed to the pursuit of poetry and transcendence in my work. These portrait drawings with closed eyes are lifted from the specific to become universal, no longer belonging to one but many. The eyes closed , a defenseless gesture, creates an inward stillness. Their phenomenological  perspective emerges through the mirror-like window, reflecting the emotional and mental space just beyond reach. These portraits hold one’s attention with a feeling of possibility, of delving continuously deeper towards a memory, a thought, or a latent state. Through this beautiful inertia and holding of time, I hope to paradoxically generate and articulate the all-important ‘spark of inner life’ which Kandinsky refers to as “the core of spiritual experience”, which to me is what art is all about.

    This latest body of works on paper forms a part of this ongoing exploration of the mystery of what lies below the surface. Using materials normally used in the practice of slow and quick drawing through intense observation and response, layers of opaque and transparent paper impregnated with wax result in images which are mysterious in their three dimensional quality beneath a tactile skin-like surface.’ Laura Ellenberger

    “A state of transience or equivocation is maintained in viewing these portraits, there is something of a stand-off as they appear to silently witness our presence, as we theirs;  a reciprocal inquisitiveness is played out in the subtle shifts within the optical altercation; one’s gaze is held captive and transfixed by the interrogatory nature of this encounter.” Terry Hayes, lecturer, Sydney